Meet the Seamstress

Courtney Simmons
I'm a seamstress, a designer, an artist, a photographer, and strangely enough even a mathematician. 

I'm a Kansas City native who, after being unceremoniously kidnapped and dragged to live in Oklahoma City by my fiance, has been spending all my free time rediscovering my love of designing unique costumes and accessories. 'Cause lets face it, who doesn't love dressing up and pretending to be someone else for a day?

While I'm still in school pursing my PhD in Mathematics, my fiance has encouraged me to take the opportunity to actually try and make a career out of my hobby. Can you believe it? My dream job! Thus was born. ~ Everyone knows PhD's are just backup plans, right? ~ At the moment I'm still in the fledgling stage of my venture, but I **crosses fingers** anticipate it blooming over the next year or so.

In making this blog it's my hope that it will connect me with more people who love the same things I love. I spend hours every week reading other sewing blogs, from home decor and cosplay, to corsets and  historically accurate garments. Through them I've learned so much and gotten so many great ideas that it occurred to me that others might enjoy learning about my sewing adventures too. ~ Though I'm not sure if you would be prepared for my frustrated rants when one of my custom patterns don't work out... That's the beauty of the edit button, my friends. ~  And hey, with my wedding coming up this May there will even be more crafty shenanigans than normal.

So, if you think I sound even a tinsy bit interesting I hope you'll follow my blog. I'm not a very good writer, but I'm hoping this will improve in time. Mostly I just want to share my trials and tribulations of needle and thread with others.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me through my blogger page, or e-mail me at CSimmons[at]BeadedFae[dot]com

You may notice that I copyright a lot of my personal photos on this blog. This doesn't mean I won't allow you to use them, it just means that I want credit. ***I'm trying to start a business here ^_~ *** I try to let people know when I think something is neat or has given me inspiration by linking to their site, so I'd just appreciate the same courtesy.

If you'd like to use any of my photos on your own site you're more than welcome. Just link back to me as the source and please don't remove the watermark. ^_^