Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Disney New Years

I’m baaaaaaaack.

The trip to Breckenridge was absolutely amazing and so much fun. There was skiing, snowmobiling, pottery making, and even a wedding! However, now that I’m back I’m realizing just how far behind I am in mundane responsibilities, like school *mutters*. Because of this, it will likely be a few days before I dive into a new project.

There is good news though. You see, this leaves me more than enough time to make posts for one of my favorite costumes of all time, my Sleeping Beauty dress!

Every year my best friends throw an amazing New Years party and each time there is a new theme. Once it was 80s, another it was fancy cocktail attire, but this year it was going to be Disney! How much fun is that? Even though I had a million ideas rolling around in my head, from the carpet in Aladdin to the feather duster in Beauty and the Beast, there was never any doubt in my mind as to what my costume would be: Princess Aurora. *** The one character where naps are perfectly acceptable as role playing! ***

One of my moms favorite Disney movies of all time has got to be Sleeping Beauty. *** I remember it being played in our house A LOT growing up.*** As a kid, she even made me a blue sleeping beauty dress for Halloween one year. However, as I researched the gown for this party I started to notice a disturbing trend when it comes to Aurora’s attire. When exactly did she become a pink princess?!?!?

As most of you know, in the movie there is a great faerie fight between Flora and Merryweather over whether the dress should be pink or blue. They bicker and change the dress back and forth with magic over and over, making it one of the most memorable parts of the story. However, having seen the film about 100 bazillion times I clearly remember her birthday dress being blue for about 95% of the movie. Despite this, you can’t find the blue dress anywhere nowadays! From books to cartoons, to even costume stores and DisneyLand it is now a strictly pink dress. It’s as if the blue gown never existed!

There are many debates and explanations online as to why Disney has decided to shun Aurora’s blue dress; it usually comes down to their need to distinguish her from Cinderella, as they both have blonde hair. Let me tell you though, it is an absolute outrage in my eyes. So, I decided that when making my New Years costume I would not bow to Disney’s pink princess ploy. She was not pink darnit! But….. I also determined that I wouldn’t make a strictly blue dress either, since she wasn't only blue.

Instead I would make, by far, the best dress in the whole movie. The one that immediately sprang to mind every time I thought of Sleeping Beauty.
The pink and blue splashed dress from the cabin scene!

Yes, I know. Aurora never technically wore this dress. But who cares! It was one of the best scenes in the whole movie and definitely memorable. Plus, it reminds us that Sleeping Beauty was not strictly pink nor blue. She was both.

Take that Disney!

Click here for Sleeping Beauty's Pink and Blue Splashed Dress - Part 2
Click here for Sleeping Beauty's Pink and Blue Splashed Dress - Part 3
Click here for Sleeping Beauty's Pink and Blue Splashed Dress - Part 4
Click here for Sleeping Beauty's Pink and Blue Splashed Dress - Part 5
Click here for Sleeping Beauty's Pink and Blue Splashed Dress - Part 6


Do you have a favorite color gown? It’s alright if it’s pink, I promise I won’t bite your head off ^_~.


  1. Ahh i love sleeping beauty...mostly because of malificent! Shes probably my favorite disney villian ever. Cant wait to see your blue dress!

  2. yeah, it is the pink one :) blue is my favorite color, but i think it makes sense that Disney's trying to distinguish Aurora and Cinderella.

  3. LOVE your gown! It's fabulous, great job! I always said I'd make it half pink/half blue if I did Aurora~
    How did you make the crown?

  4. Cinderella's dress wasn't blue - it was white sparkles! Unfortunately that was really hard for Disney to reproduce without it being confused for her wedding dress, and a grey version (meant to be silver) was too drab. Since it looked bluish in the shadows of the nighttime ball, Disney media commonly portrays it in that colour.

    It amuses me how Cinderella and Aurora both have a blue gown and a pink one. I personally like the one the mice made better than the sparkly one from Fairy Godmother. And I agree - the best dress in Sleeping Beauty was the paint-splattered-looking one. It also would have been nice to split the difference and make it purple, or have it green in honour of Fauna, who stayed out of the colour fight.

    My favourite Disney dress was the green one Belle wore when the Beast presented her with the library.

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